HOT WORK TRAINING:  Instructor(s) J Kyne, S Celli
This is a mandatory course required by the State of Massachusetts.

Session I:                 September 26th
Session II:                November 28th
Session III:               January 30th
Session VI:              March 27th
Session V:               May 22nd

Class will be held on a Monday 4:PM to 7:PM
$25.00 Check or Money Order Due before class begins


Starting in January 2017, the City of Boston requires that in order to receive a permit to do hot work you will need to obtain a Hot Work Safety Certificate and ensure that all persons engaged in hot work operations on the work site also hold a Hot Work Safety Certificate. This certificate is obtained by taking the Hot Work training class and successfully completing an assessment of your learning. 

Who conducts the training classes and where are they held?

Training classes for the Hot Work Safety Certificate Program are conducted by instructors who have been trained by NFPA. Classes are held in several locations in Boston, MA. 

What is the training program like?

The Boston Hot Work Safety Certificate Program provides in-person training to meet these learning objectives: 

  • Describe the various types of hot work
  • Identify common fuel sources and ignition sources
  • Cite relevant standards, regulations, and ordinances that are applicable to hot work
  • Define the duties and responsibilities of each person on the hot work team
  • Read and understand a hot work permit.
What is Hot Work?

The definition of “hot work” per the amended Boston Fire Prevention Code includes:

  1. Welding and allied processes
  2. Heat treating
  3. Grinding
  4. Thawing pipes
  5. Powder-driven fasteners
  6. Hot Riveting
  7. Torch-applied roofing
  8. Any similar applications producing or using sparks, flame or heat.
Why do I have to attend a Hot Work Safety Certificate Program training? When was the Hot Work Safety Certificate Program created?

In June 2016, the Boston City Council passed an ordinance amending the Boston Fire Prevention Code requiring that, effective January 1, 2017, all persons engaged in hot work operations must obtain a Hot Work Safety Certificate.

Why was this requirement created?

The City of Boston passed the ordinance in response to the tragic March 2014 fire in Boston’s Back Bay area that took the lives of two firefighters and that was subsequently identified by investigators as being started by hot work operations in a nearby building. 

How do I sign up for a Hot Work Safety Certificate Program training class?

  • For organized labor

    Hot Work Safety Certificate Program classes will be offered at your Local. Please contact your Local Administrator for more information. Your Local Administrator, and not NFPA, will be determining the time and place for these training sessions.

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