Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 12 Officers and Staff

Our officers and staff are here to serve our hard-working members, and to assist our members and the Boston, Massachusetts Public Community who may have questions about our organization. Please contact us directly to allow us to get you the information you need as quickly as possible!

Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 12 Officers & Staff

Harry J. Brett    
Business Manager     
Financial Secretary-Treasurer    
617-288-6200 x132

Tim G. Fandel    
Business Agent    

Barry C. Keady    
Business Agent    

Jim F. Vaughan    
Business Agent    

David Barbati
Director of Business Development and Recruitment
617-288-6200 x134

Frank Amato
Recruitment Specialist
617-288-6200 x135

President- Robert J. McCarthy
Vice President- Herbert Whipple
Recording Sec.-Patrick Mulkerrin
Inside Guard-Luke Wade

Executive Board
Richard Carter
Brian Callahan
Ted LaSala
Dave Sullivan

Finance Committee
Charles Flanigan
George McManus
Gregg Petersen

Examining Board
Kimberly Garside
William Doe
Leonard "Wes" Mayo

Business Office: 617-288-6200

Carlos Cartagena    
Accounts Payable    
617-288-6200 x 150

Courtney Pereira    
Administrative Assistant/Membership     
617-288-6200 x 133

Ann O'Connor
Labor Management Co-operative Trust
617-288-6200 x 139

Health & Welfare Fund: 617-288-5400

Roger Gill, Health and Welfare Fund Administrator
Doreen Mount, Office Manager
Lynn Curtin, Computer Operations     
Heather Ferullo, Funds Accountant
Keri Gilbert, Medical Claims Manager     

Training Center: 617-288-1010

Richard D. Carter, Education Fund Administrator
Kim Garside, Office Staff      
Joe Kyne, Instructor
Darren MacDonald, Instructor
Gregg Petersen, Instructor