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Welcome to our site! The purpose and mission of Plumbers Local 12 has been, and will continue to be, to protect the public and insure the health and safety of our environment for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have and will always insure that the integrity of the laws and regulations for plumbing are not compromised or changed to allow sub standard material or work which could impact homeowners and their families. Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 12 Boston will continue to insure that the rights of plumbers are protected at the work site and insure that plumbers and their families do not fall victim to unscrupulous employers who do not pay overtime, the proper prevailing wages, illegally classify plumbers as independent contractors, and force plumbers to perform shoddy work and/or install material and equipment that does not conform to the code.

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Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Enforcement

If you think you have not been paid the proper rate on a public job, or if you have any questions in reference to the payment of prevailing wages then please call local 12's wage enforcement office.

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