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Brothers and Sisters,

The apprenticeship programs of the United Association and all Building Trades Unions are under attack and your help is urgently needed.

The Department of Labor needs to hear from our membership as well as from our family and friends. Participating is easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

Please take the time to read the message below from UA General President Mark McManus that explains the issue in greater detail.

The links that follow this message will take you to the web-based tool the UA has created to expedite the submission of letters. The DOL will not accept form letters, so this tool will allow for the creation of multiple versions of letters based on drop-down menus and the selection of various topics of importance, as well as identifying whether the user is an apprentice, journey worker, retiree, or family member.

After clicking on the link, the process of generating a letter will take less than two minutes.

I urge every member to submit your letter to the DOL by the deadline of August 26. By doing so, you can do your part to help protect your future and the United Association.

Journey workers and Retirees go to:  www.SaveUATraining.org

Apprentices and Helpers go to:  www.SaveUAApprenticeships.org

Tradeswomen can also go to:  www.ProtectTradeswomen.org

Friends and Family go to:  www.SaveConstructionApprenticeships.org

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Plumbers Local 12 proudly represents the hardest working, highly skilled men and women in the plumbing industry. Our premier training programs offer a five-year apprenticeship program and extensive journeymen training. We help our signatory contractors grow by identifying new opportunities, and by providing the most skilled and highly trained workforce in the industry.

Plumbers Local 12 prides itself on helping plumbers and apprentices get the most out of their careers by helping them achieve a real retirement with a pension and providing them and their families with some of the best health insurance on the market.

I hope you find the information on this website helpful and if you have any additional questions you can email us at info@local12boston.org or call the office at 617-288-6200.


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